Las Vegas Wrongful Death Lawyer

If a close family member has lost their life due to somebody’s carelessness, the mixed feelings of grief and anger can be difficult to bear. Many people may be impacted by the wrongful death of an individual.  And the surviving family may be financially harmed, in addition to suffering emotionally. It is important for the family of a deceased to know that they have rights against anyone responsible for their loss and the legal system may grant them the right to pursue a claim.

Winning a wrongful death lawsuit may not only recover the compensation the deceased’s family deserves, but may also send a message that negligence with lethal consequences will not be excused.

Although the circumstances surrounding an accident that caused a death may be simple, the process to preserve evidence, uncover key facts and present a claim on behalf of a deceased and their family can be complex, and mistakes can be costly. Completing these tasks takes a team of professionals lead by an experienced personal injury attorney.

With everything that the survivors of accident victims must address, it is easy for family members, even with the best of intentions, to make a mistake or unknowingly allow all their rights to compromised.  An experienced Las Vegas injury lawyer will listen to the story, gather the crucial evidence needed to make the strongest claim possible, and protect the rights of the deceased and their family.

Types of Damages

If the deceased was the primary provider for a family, then the entire family could face immediate loss of household income, economic uncertainty and a reduced quality of life. Even if part of the loss is covered by insurance, the payout often is insufficient to allow the family to continue the same level of comfort it enjoyed before the accident.

Loved ones may deserve to be compensated for “loss of consortium” – being deprived of the love and companionship that they experienced with their lost family member before the accident . They may seek damages for the psychological pain and suffering that they have endured at the hands of the other party’s negligence. Medical expenses paid by the deceased’s family and loved ones as part of the effort to save their loved one’s life also may be recovered as part of a wrongful death claim.

Forms of Negligence

Negligence is the failure to exercise the degree of care that a reasonable person would have shown under the circumstances. Foreseeability is always a key issue in the legal analysis of negligence. A Las Vegas wrongful death attorney will investigate as to whether the typical person would have realized that the type of conduct at issue in the case is the type of conduct that could cause harm and was foreseeable.

Here are some specific examples:

Automobile accidents – Each year over 30,000 Americans are killed on America’s roads and highways. Sometimes the cause is a drunk driver. In other cases, the other driver was simply driving recklessly.

Medical malpractice – Medical professionals hold themselves out as highly trained experts, and people trust them with their lives.

Sometimes the crucial error occurs at the start of treatment, when a physician fails to correctly diagnose a medical condition even though the patient presented symptoms that a competent medical professional would have recognized. Improper dosage of medication is another tragically common mistake.

Premises liability – Uneven sidewalks and improperly maintained stairwells can lead to “slip and fall” accidents that can cause traumatic brain injuries, which are often deadly. Faulty electrical wiring can cause fires and electrical shocks.

Unsafe products, medical devices and drugs – Commercially available products are held to a “strict liability” standard. Manufacturers that sell dangerous products into the marketplace may be responsible for the injuries caused by the dangerous products. If an individual used the product the way it was supposed to be used, but still suffered a fatal injury, the seller of the product will be held accountable by a wrongful death lawyer in Las Vegas.

Working with a Wrongful Death Attorney

If your loved one died in an accident, it is never too soon to start gathering important information – names and addresses of other people involved, as well as witness accounts and physical evidence.

Experienced wrongful death lawyers in Las Vegas know how to question potential witnesses to get the information that will be most helpful in winning or settling your case and identify and secure important physical evidence.

A Las Vegas wrongful death attorney has the experience and the expertise to get justice in all types of wrongful death cases. Contact an experienced attorney as soon as you can, so that justice may be done.