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The days and weeks following a serious injury accident are filled with uncertainty, confusion and of course pain. A serious injury, whether caused by a vehicle collision, trip and fall, or other type of incident stemming from another party’s negligence, will be the source of the suffering in many different ways, and can throw entire families into chaos and sometimes even financial ruin.

Injured victims may begin to question if their life will ever return to normal and how to pay the unanticipated expenses forced on them as a result of their necessary medical care.

If there is any good news to be found in such scenarios, it is the fact that the legal system provides injured parties with the ability to seek compensation from those responsible.

The key is to enlist the aid of a personal injury lawyer who is well-versed in how best to investigate the facts, gather critical evidence and document losses, and who will truly be an injury victim’s strongest ally.

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Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law is broad with many scenarios potentially falling under its umbrella.  People are injured every day and suffer a wide range of injuries caused by any number of mishaps, misdeeds, and mistakes by others.

Common to all such circumstances, however, is the risk of suffering profound, life-altering harm from which a complete recovery may be challenging, if not impossible. Some of the most frequently observed examples include:

Not every injury accident victim will experience life-changing injuries and losses. However, there are an unacceptable number of individuals each year who are faced with ongoing disability, physical agony and massive financial losses due to the negligent acts or omissions of others. An experienced personal injury attorney can analyze the underlying facts in such cases, gather essential evidence and expert opinions and fight for the best possible outcome, including full and fair monetary compensation.

Pursuing a Claim

In the time immediately following an unexpected injury, victims understandably tend to focus primarily on medical care and healing, not necessarily considering the longer-term implications of what has occurred. It usually does not take long before lost wages, medical bills and other obligations begin to weigh heavily on the minds of those impacted, compounding their suffering.

It is important for those harmed by the negligence of others to understand that they may be entitled to receive payment for the physical, emotional and financial damage inflicted upon them by the misconduct of others, and consult with an injury lawyer.

Through the pursuit of a personal injury claim or lawsuit, it is often possible to recover compensation for documented wage losses, past, present and future medical costs, pain and suffering, mental distress, and reductions in earning capacity.

A personal injury attorney is well-positioned to assess the validity of such claims and provide the insight injured parties need in order to make wise decisions about the right course of action.

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Many times personal injury victims become overwhelmed with feelings of anger and helplessness and fail to take decisive action on their own behalf.  It is understandable that an accident victim may fail to take quick and decisive action on their own behalf, given the chaos and uncertainty, as well as the pain, that is caused by a serious injury accident.

Personal injury claims may be time sensitive and a failure to act quickly may negatively impact the claim. An accident injury victim should contact a personal injury lawyer who can help shoulder the burden and zealously advocate not just for a solid financial recovery, but also for the justice that is deserved.

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Glen Lerner has a larger than life personality along with a great sense of humor. He is not afraid to poke fun at himself in his marketing efforts.  In 1991, Glen Lerner started his small law firm and over the last 26 years he has expanded, along with his Arizona offices of Lerner and Rowe, to 24 locations with nearly 50 lawyers and 250 support staff.

The side of Glen Lerner most people don’t know is his mission to protect. Protect the injured. To protect the harmed and to help the less fortunate through community efforts. From your first contact with our law firm to the last signature on the check, we’ll defend you or your loved one the whole way.

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