5 Important Tips to Avoid Being Electrocuted by Holiday Lights

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The snow fell, the hot cocoa warms on the stove, and the Christmas tree stands ready for decorating in your living room. You can feel the hum of excitement around your home as the season gets ready to take shape. Don’t let that hum change into the buzz of an uncontrolled electricity scenario! Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys is here to help. Also, check out these 5 easy ways to avoid getting electrocuted this holiday season.

5. Avoid Flammable Materials

Many holiday decorations double as fire starters. Consequently, you may not realize the hazards around you. Some common flammable holiday decorations include:

  • Fabric and paper ornaments
  • Tree skirts
  • Pine Needles
  • Garland
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Gift tags and bows

So, avoid contact with decorative lights and these items if possible. Do not use real candles as replacements for tree lights. Above all, keep your tree adequately watered throughout the season. This minimizes your chance of dried needles starting a different kind of roasting on an open fire.

4. Outdoor for Outdoor, Indoor for Indoor

You planned a show stopping Christmas spectacular outside your home to match your festive inside space. As you set up, also remember to use only wiring specified for the outdoors for your display. Lights intended for indoor use tend to work best away from the elements. So, keep the more heavy duty outdoor lights on hand.

3. Unplug this Season!

After a long day of holiday cheer, your lights deserve a break. They worked hard bringing joy to all those people! Do not leave any lights on after you go to bed. Those lights might get into a lot of trouble while unsupervised and take full advantage of all those flammable materials we mentioned. Your neighbors deserve a break from the lights also. If you do so decide to turn the lights on in the dark, use a flashlight to see the location of the outlet. You can get electrocuted simply plugging in.

2. Don’t Over Crowd Outlets

We know you have your tree lights, your garland, and also you mother’s keepsake light-up angel figurine all plugged into the same extension cord. Don’t fret- but you have reached your limit. Each outlet usually has two places to plug in. Make sure you do not put more electrical input into the outlet than it can handle. Usually, three light cords per outlet is a good rule of thumb. Overcrowding your outlets can cause a short circuit.

1. Protect Wires at All Costs

Finally, the most important way to avoid disaster is to protect your wires. Avoid using tacks and staples to set up lights. Consequently, the metal in these can disrupt the electricity running through the wires. Instead, use plastic ties or plastic stick-on wall hooks. These materials protect your lights, your family, and also your Christmas spirit.

Electrocuted Anyways? Here’s What to Do.

Above all, don’t have a blue Christmas! If you or also family member suffered being electrocuted this holiday season, Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys can help.  Call us today at 1-800-GET-GLEN or use our LiveChat feature. Your consultation is free. And another Christmas miracle? There is no fee unless we win your case.

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