Glen Lerner Gives Back spends a significant amount of time in local neighborhoods. The lawyers and support staff of our Chicago personal injury firm are very involved in charitable activities and sponsorship opportunities within the communities where we live and work to help improve the lives of others.
We share conversations over meals and serve side by side with local leaders. We celebrate our neighbors’ victories and support them in their losses. We become advocates for their local community.
As an organization, our Chicago injury law firm never sees ourselves as the answer to a community’s problem or pretend to know it. We come alongside other groups to discover solutions.

We ask questions, we listen attentively, and when appropriate, we respond. We are never “THE” answer but we contribute a small part of the solution whenever possible.

Often the real heroes are the nameless and faceless individuals. These invisible heroes are out in communities making a difference every day. They volunteer to meet the needs of their neighbors.

Many of them do so after working full-time jobs and taking care of their own families. Out of their own pockets, they fund initiatives that meet desperate needs.

You and I may never meet them or hear about their work, but they are out there touching lives and leaving lasting marks in the souls of communities.

Every so often, we are lucky enough to be in the same room with them, and for a brief moment or even a season, we share in their mission and support their work.  On rare occasions, our Chicago personal injury attorneys have the opportunity to tell their story and to bring awareness to the causes that are deep in their hearts.

Our effectiveness in community outreach comes from learning the lessons these real heroes teach.

Mrs. Erin Lausen, Dean of Culture at Piccolo School of Excellence

Mrs. Erin Lausen by day serves on the administration team at Piccolo School of Excellence on Chicago’s West Side. The school’s vision is to cultivate a multicultural community that will prepare and educate ALL students with the academic and social skills necessary to be lifelong learners and leaders that will contribute to society.

We were first introduced to Mrs. Lausen by an organization called Triple Threat Mentoring, based in Aurora IL, which runs a program called WINGS. Tom Grace, one of our Chicago personal injury attorneys, served as a volunteer through WINGS program at Piccolo.  It was through this volunteer opportunity that our relationship with the school and Mrs. Lausen began.

Mrs. Lausen not only serves the school as an administrator and a teacher, but also as its 7/8th Grade boys’ basketball coach. Coach Lausen, as she is known to her team, is one of those nameless and faceless individuals that often go beyond the regular job duties to meet students’ needs.

After full days of work and sometimes even on weekends, Mrs. Lausen is often found coaching her basketball team and helping them create new opportunities that the game of basketball can offer.

Coach Lausen understands that the lessons she teaches on the court are often transferable to the players’ day-to-day lives. She helps the students understand that basketball is not just about a game, but a metaphor for life itself.

Without people like Coach Lausen, these boys would not have the extra-curricular opportunities they now enjoy. The practices, clinics, and games that she leads faithfully help the students learn discipline and stay focused in school.

Glen Lerner Gives Back is honored to tell the story of our West Side hero and friend, Mrs. Erin Lausen.

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