Passenger Injury Lawyer

You’ve been in a wreck and were injured for no fault of yours. You weren’t the one driving. You weren’t distracting the driver and you were wearing your seat-belt. What should you do next as a passenger who was hurt in a car accident? If you got hurt in a car accident as a passenger who was following all safety rules, you must contact a Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys passenger injury attorney now. Hurry! Contact an experienced passenger injury attorney at Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys by calling today. We’ll schedule a free initial case review to go over the details of the accident and any compensation you may deserve for damages.

Passenger Compensation after an Accident

There are several factors that will determine the amount of compensation you may be able to recover after an accident. These factors include, the at-fault driver, the severity of injuries and lost wages resulting from your injuries. Once established, you may deserve compensation for current and on-going damages resulting from the accident.

Compensation for damages which may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages

The total recovery amount our passenger injury attorneys will work to negotiate on your behalf may be for doctor appointments, medication, surgeries, mental anguish, physical therapy, quality of life maintenance and loss of employment or decrease of pay.

So, contact a passenger accident attorney at Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys today by submitting an online case review. We’ll then contact you within 24 hours of receiving your form.

Glen Lerner Passenger Injury Attorneys

Passenger injuries are of varying degrees. That is why you need a passenger injury attorney on your side who is working for you to get the best possible results for your injuries. So, don’t let the fear of high attorney fees stop you from calling us. We take no fee unless we win your case. So, contact Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys today online or by phone.