Bus Accident Lawyer

You may do all that you can to avoid a bus accident injury, and yet, you may still get hurt. When an injury does occur at no fault of your own, a Glen Lerner bus accident attorney can help. We can help you understand the laws that govern buses and the road. Trust us to help you.

Leading Causes of Injuries

There are many causes of bus crash injuries. A few of the more common ones include:

  • Driver swerving or braking abruptly to avoid hitting something.
  • Driver being distracted or losing consciousness and crashing into something.
  • Inexperienced driver losing control of a bus.
  • Vehicle crashes into a bus.
  • Pedestrian stepping/walking into a blind spot of driver.
  • Bus malfunctions resulting in an accident.

Tips to Help Avoid an Injury

Precaution is always helpful. Riders may reduce their chances of injuries while riding a bus by:

  • Waiting for a bus to come to a complete stop before boarding or moving to exit.
  • Having a firm grip on children when boarding and exiting a bus.
  • Watching your step when boarding or exiting a bus to avoid uneven or slick surfaces.
  • Taking a seat or using a handrail/handhold if standing while riding.
  • Keeping aisles clear by stowing personal items out of the way.

Contact a Glen Lerner Bus Accident Attorney

Hurt in a bus accident? Please contact Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys. Our accident lawyers are familiar with state specific transportation laws that are in place to help protect passenger rights. We will fight hard to get you the accident settlement that you deserve. So, don’t wait! We look forward to helping you and also getting you the justice you deserve.