Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are among the most painful and disfiguring injuries that a person can endure and are most common among young children and the elderly. They are also one of the fourth most common types of traumatic injury after falls, violent attacks and traffic accidents. You do not have to suffer in silence. Our burn injury attorney at Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys will gladly speak on your behalf and fight to recover compensation for medical expenses, losses, and also, damages.

Life after a Burn Injury Accident

Burn injuries are most commonly the result of:

  • Fire. Contact with an open flame.
  • Scalding. Contact with hot or boiling water, steam, or a hot beverage.
  • Direct contact. Contact with hot items such as lit cigarettes, irons, or coals.
  • Sub-dermal. Contact with “live” objects such as defective electronic appliances, and also, electric wires.
  • Chemical. Contact with a harmful chemical or its fumes, such as battery fluid and also, household cleaners.
  • Other contact including tanning beds, fireworks, lightning strikes and also, exposure to radiation.

Depending on the degree of injury, recovery after a burn accident may require multiple surgeries, long-term medical care, additional mobility and devices, and continuous physical, occupational and emotional therapy. There are multiple degrees of burns and each of them comes with its own specific issues. Some of the worst burns includes skin grafts, and so much more. Don’t suffer alone. Contact us today to get more help with your damages if someone else was responsible.

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