Northwest Indiana Social Security Lawyer

Injured and with doctors telling you, you no longer can work? Contact a Northwest Indiana social security lawyer. The majority of people who apply for Social Security benefits on their own, without the assistance of an injury lawyer, are more likely to be denied the first time they apply.The main reason that a person’s first application attempt is denied is a technical error on the application; if filled out incorrectly- a blank space overlooked, information missing or required documentation not attached correctly.

A social security attorney is knowledgeable about the process and skilled in filling out these applications completely. In the long run it ends up being more economically suitable to hire a Northwest Indiana social security lawyer in order to help ensure that you have a better chance of approval of your application the first time you submit it.

A Northwest Indiana social security lawyer will make sure that all required documentation is carefully and fully completed and then presented your application to the Social Security Administration via the proper channels. When a Social Security claim finally approved (which can take up to 6 months) funds begin to released. Social Security funds will be retroactive from the date the application was first received. During the Social Security approval process, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney will be able to provide you with social security help as well as help you find other government resources that may be able to assist your family with your financial and medical needs temporarily so that you can continue to support your family.

Social Security Programs

The federally administered program called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is designed for people who are no longer able to work because of a limiting physical or mental disability. A person needs to meet certain disability requirements in order to be approved for this or any of the Social Security disability (SSD) programs. These requirements are listed within the SSA disability guidelines.

Disability Guidelines

A crucial Social Security disability (SSD) requires that a person must have worked at least five years before becoming disabled; they must have paid payroll taxes during those five years. Another major SSD qualifier: an applicant must be suffering from a long-term or permanent disability. Long term means that the condition will last 12 months or more. Furthermore, the condition must prevent you from working at any job, not just your last position.

A Northwest Indiana social security attorney will be able to evaluate your case; help document injuries if you do meet requirements. They can help file an application for approval. An attorney can assist you in applying for the correct program. They can ensure you correctly fill all the forms. If denied, your Social Security attorney will also be able to assist you in filing an appeal with SSA.

Hearing and Appeals

An attorney can step in and represent a social security disability applicant, especially if their application for benefits is denied. An applicant who has been unfairly denied Social Security benefits needs to immediately appeal the decision. The Social Security Administration has very strict deadlines for appealing a denial of benefits.  It is extremely important to contact a social security attorney in Northwest Indiana to take over the process. You should not put off appealing the Social Security Association’s decision; because they only allow 60 days to file an appeal. The 60 days begins on the date marked on the letter denying benefits.