Las Vegas Social Security Lawyer

Have you been physically injured so badly that you are no longer able to work? Do you suffer from a long-term mental disability that makes it impossible to hold a job? Have you applied for social security benefits and been denied?Unfortunately, two out of three people who apply for social security benefits are denied the first time they apply. It’s also not uncommon for an individual’s benefits to be terminated, even after they’ve been approved. You can help tip the odds in your favor by retaining an experienced Las Vegas social security lawyer. Our injury attorneys will put our knowledge to work to help increase the chances of getting your social security application approved the first-time. We can also help file an appeal for those who have been denied or had their benefits terminated.

Social Security Benefits

There are two main types of social security programs a person can apply for: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSDI benefits are an earned benefit. If you, a spouse, or parent becomes disabled, there may be benefits available based on total hours previously worked, and a number of earnings that were paid into Social Security taxes.SSI benefits are however not based on years worked; they are based on financial need.
To be eligible for this program an individual must be disabled, blind, or 65 or older, with little or no income or resources. Spouses or dependent children are not eligible to receive any provisions under this program.Contacting a social security attorney in Las Vegas will help reduce any confusion you have about applying for benefits for the first-time or submitting an appeal for a denied application or termination of benefits.

Time Limits For Filing an Appeal

Once you are notified that you have been denied social security benefits or have had your benefits terminated, you have a very short amount of time to request an appeals hearing. An appeals hearing allows you the opportunity to present more documentation to prove a qualifying disability and/or to show work history, limited income levels, and minimal personal assets. Call a Las Vegas social security lawyer today to start the process of filing for Social Security benefits for the first time, or for submitting an appeal for social security benefits with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.