The Importance of Having Motorcycle Insurance in Nevada

The Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers at Glen Lerner injury attorneys detail why motorcycle insurance is so important.The state of Nevada requires motorcycle insurance for all motorcycles registered in the state. This insurance covers damages should the motorcycle driver be found at fault in the event of an accident that injures other people. However, it does not protect the motorcyclist if they are injured in a crash. There are certain accident scenarios that could arise that amplify the importance of motorcycle insurance in NV.

The minimum mandatory vehicle liability insurance the state requires is $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident. However, when you consider that the majority of motorcycle accidents leave the driver and passenger on a bike seriously injured, that amount does not seem nearly enough. Many accident victims face months of recovery and rehab, racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills, as well as loss of income from being unable to work. If the at-fault driver only has the mandatory minimum coverage of $15,000, where does the victim turn for the balance of financial damages they have suffered?

Another common scenario that plays out often in accidents is that, although it is against the law to drive a vehicle without insurance, there are far too many people who are driving uninsured vehicles. Some of those drivers may be doing so unintentionally, not realizing their insurance has lapsed, however, there are a great many uninsured drivers who, for whatever reason, have chosen to break the law.

Regardless of the reason, if you are in an accident and the at-fault driver has no insurance, you have no place to file your claim to recover damages. This is why motorcycle drivers should consider purchasing underinsured/uninsured (UIM/UM) insurance.

Although UIM/UM does not cover property damage, it will cover your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Once your expenses exceed the amount of insurance coverage the at-fault driver has, then the UIM/UM clause in your policy will kick in. Here is how it works:

Driver A has $20,000 UIM/UM insurance. He is injured in a crash caused by Driver B. Driver B only has $15,000 in liability insurance. Driver A’s total expenses are $30,000. Driver A would receive $15,000 from Driver B’s insurance company and $15,000 from his own insurance company to cover his damages.

Although the above seems like it would be an easy claim to process, insurance companies are notorious for attempting to minimize damages or try to blame the motorcyclists for the accident in order to deny the claim completely. This is why anyone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident should contact a seasoned Las Vegas motorcycle attorney for a free case evaluation.

Why Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Intersections in Nevada

The Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers at Glen Lerner injury attorneys detail why accidents involving motorcycle most commonly occur at intersections, and the precautions you can take to stay safeThe very thing that many motorcycle enthusiasts love about riding – the freedom of not being enclosed in a vehicle – is also the very thing that makes motorcycle riding dangerous in the event of an accident.

People who are on a motorcycle when it is hit by another vehicle are not protected at all and, depending on how hard the collision impact is, many riders are thrown from the bike when they are hit, sustaining serious injuries. One of the most frequent locations of motorcycle crashes are intersections.

Examining why most motorcycle accidents happen in intersections in Nevada and other states across the country may help decrease the risk a motorcyclist has of being a crash victim.

One of the most common causes of intersection motorcycle crashes is another driver who runs a red light. This can happen because the other driver is trying to get through the intersection before the light actually changes to red or the driver just is not paying attention and does not realize the light is red.

Another common cause of intersection motorcycle accidents is impatient drivers. We have all seen the driver who is supposed to be stopped at a red light, but instead, they keep creeping their vehicle ahead.

Not only does this action not make the light change any quicker, it causes a dangerous situation for a motorcycle traveling in the lane that has the green light. If the creeping vehicle moves out too far into the lane, the motorcycle could end up driving right into the vehicle causing personal injury.

One of the most frequent – and often fatal – causes of intersection accidents is when a vehicle is taking a left-hand turn and either fails to yield to the motorcycle traveling in the other direction or fails to see the bike.

A vehicle that suddenly slams on their brakes at an intersection is another factor that causes intersection motorcycle accidents.

It is much more difficult for a motorcycle to come to a sudden stop, so when a vehicle in front of them stops without any warning, the danger to the motorcyclists is slamming into the back of the vehicle and even flipping over the top.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, contact a skilled Las Vegas motorcycle attorney to see what legal options you may have.

Purchasing the Right Motorcycle Helmet in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas motorcycle injury attorneys at Glen Lerner injury attorneys discuss how to find the right motorcycle helmet to prevent head injuriesOne of the most important pieces of riding gear motorcyclists can wear is a helmet. Unfortunately, too many riders make the decision not to and that decision is often a fatal one. Traumatic brain injury is the number one cause of motorcycle accident deaths.

Those victims who do survive often face a lifetime of permanent mental and physical disabilities. Nevada law requires that every motorcycle rider wears a U.S. Department of Transportation-approved helmet.

The key to obtaining the utmost protection is knowing how to buy the right motorcycle helmet to begin with. Visits to online motorcycle riding gear stores reveal hundreds – if not thousands – of helmet choices. Here are important points to keep in mind as you are helmet shopping:


The first thing you need to determine is what size helmet you need. Helmets typically come in small, medium, and large sizes. Your helmet should feel slightly snug, but there should not be pressure in any particular area of your head or sides of your face. Take a tape measure and measure the largest circumference of your head, just above your ears and eyebrows. You can find the corresponding helmet size on a sizing chart available from the motorcycle gear store.


Helmets come in several different styles:

  • Full face: Uses a moveable face shield to protect your eyes;
  • Open face (also called three-quarter): Does not have the face shield. It is recommended that riders wear goggles or safety glasses if they are using this type of helmet;
  • Half helmet: This helmet only protects the top of the head and offers no protection to the sides or the face. This type of helmet is not usually recommended for riders.

As mentioned above, DOT approved helmets are required by law in Nevada and many other states. You can tell if a helmet is DOT approved by the sticker that is placed on the helmet, typically in the back. Helmets may also carry a sticker of approval from the Snell Memorial Foundation.


In order to offer the utmost in protection, a helmet should include these four components:

  • The outer shell should be made up of fiber-reinforced materials, which contract when hit hard. This property helps alleviate the force blow before it gets to a rider’s head;
  • Inside the helmet should be lined with some type of impact absorbing material. Many helmets use Styrofoam. This liner also absorbs the power and shock of a hit to the helmet;
  • Padding inside the helmet aids in keeping a snug fit of the helmet, as well as offers comfort to the wearer; and
  • The helmet should have a chin strap to make sure the helmet stays on the rider’s head, even in a crash.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Head injuries from motorcycle crashes can be devastating to a victim and his or her family. If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident, contact a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney to find out how we can help.

Best Motorcycle Rides in Las Vegas

Information on some of the best roads to ride a motorcycle on in Las Vegas according to the injury attorneys at Glen LernerOne of the most popular activities that Las Vegas visitors enjoy does not take place in a casino. Many motorcycle enthusiasts who visit the state quickly learn what many residents already know – that Nevada has some of the best motorcycle roads in the country! Here are some of our favorites:

Red Rock Canyon

Hop on your bike and head out to Red Rock Canyon State Park. The park is just 15 minutes from Las Vegas and offers 13-miles of road that is populated by gorgeous vistas and overlooks where you will experience spectacular views.

Valley of Fire – Lake Mead North Shore Loop

Travel just 20 minutes away from Las Vegas and you will discover one of the most incredible motorcycle rides in the state. Begin at the Lake Mead North Shore Loop and travel the 100 miles of turning and winding roads to Valley of Fire State Park. Along the way, you will enjoy views of Lake Mead, beautiful cliffs, and scenery that will take your breath away.

Mt. Charleston

A little further out, about 35 miles outside of Las Vegas, is Mt. Charleston. The road loops around Mt. Charleston, providing incredible views of all the different mountain peaks. When you ride this road, you will know that you have truly left the desert and have ridden straight into the Nevada mountains.

Hoover Dam Loop

Not only is the Hoover Dam a popular tourist attraction, but traveling to the dam by motorcycle is one of the most popular ways to arrive. The loop offers fantastic views of one of our country’s greatest historical landmarks.

Zion National Park

Many motorcyclists who have come here refer to the Zion National Park as “the most magnificent place on earth to ride.” The park offers almost 230 square miles of magnificent landscapes, providing views of cliffs and sculptured canyons unlike anywhere else.

Drive Defensively

As motorcycle riders ourselves, we know how important is it for motorcyclists to practice defense driving habits because of the failure for other vehicle drivers to watch out for motorcycles. If you are injured in an accident, our Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys are available to discuss what your legal options may be.

How to Deal With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

What to know about interacting with your insurance company following a Las Vegas auto accidentIn a perfect world, there would be no motor vehicle accidents and no insurance companies do deal with. Unfortunately, that is far from the reality, and statistics show that the average driver will file a car accident insurance claim every eight to ten years.

Knowing what steps to take beforehand can help ensure you receive the full amount of financial damages you are entitled to in these situations.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you will have to deal with the insurance company of the at-fault driver to obtain damages for your injuries.

It is in your best interest to speak with a Las Vegas car accident attorney before having any communications with the insurance company in order to protect your right to those damages.

It is important to gather as much information as possible immediately following the accident. In addition to the other driver’s information, you should also get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the crash and take photos of the damage and the area. Write down an account of what happened, noting weather and road conditions, as well as any traffic issues.

In the days and weeks following your crash, make sure to keep a detailed record of all your medical treatments and any other expenses association with the crash. Having all this information will assist your Las Nevada injury attorney in building a solid car accident claim for you.

At some point in the days following the accident, you will be notified by the other driver’s insurance company. Regardless of the circumstances of the accident and the injuries you have sustained, the other driver’s insurance company’s goal is to pay the least amount of damages possible – or attempt to deny the claim completely.

This is why you should never speak with their insurance adjuster without consulting with your own attorney first.

If you do have contact with the other party’s insurance company, keep it very limited. Do not agree to give a recorded statement, do not discuss the details of the accident, do not disclose information regarding your injuries, do not disclose the names or contact information of any of the witnesses, and do not agree to sign any documents. Instead, take down the contact information of the adjuster and contact your Nevada car accident attorney.