“I love this city, it’s been good to me. I’ve always wanted to help the people around me and now I have a chance to give back to the community.”

Glen Lerner

Glen Lerner Gives Back

Glen Lerner had a humble upbringing and understands the struggles that can deter people from their dreams. That is why he encourages the lawyers and support staff of his personal injury firm to pursue charitable activities and sponsorship opportunities within the communities where they live and work to help improve the lives of others.With the help of family and friends, great deeds have been achieved through the law firm’s charitable arm Glen Lerner Gives Back in Las Vegas, Pahrump, Phoenix, and Chicago. The law firm’s efforts through Glen Lerner Gives Back assist at-risk children, families and four-legged critters who face daily struggles during these hard economic times.
Charitable organizations they are involved with include:

Click here for an extended list of organizational groups Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys supports.

Glen Lerner Pays it Forward

Glen Lerner feels blessed to have been presented with opportunities that have made him the success that he is today. He believes in paying forward these blessing through acts of gratitude by giving something back to help make a positive community and social changes. Glen Lerner hopes that other business and individuals who can will also get involved and show an interest in making a difference and offering positive contributions within their own communities. Together the power of many joining together can make a difference.

Hope Defined

Hope Defined

Being injured in an accident often leaves a victim traumatized and in the need of a Chicago personal injury lawyer. After seeing a billboard, watching a commercial on television, or by the recommendation of a friend or loved one, our clients come to us in physical and emotional pain and our attorneys are ready to help.

Hope is about trust

Once the person makes that first call and we determine we can help, our Chicago personal injury firm commits to providing the best legal representation available and simultaneously activates the full force of our personnel and our resources. The person hangs up the phone knowing that he or she is in good hands.

Our commitment to exceptional legal representation is an important objective but not the only objective in this client/firm relationship.

Hope is about partnerships that create opportunities

We understand that a majority of our personal injury clients come from broken homes and underserved Chicago communities which lack basic resources.  For many of them the slogan “In a wreck, need a check” is a timely message and a possible solution to very real and immediate needs.

As a neighbor and a business in these same struggling communities, we have committed our personal injury firm to stand in solidarity with other groups and meet some of these needs.

One of our partners serving the Chicago Woodlawn neighborhood is Hope Works Community Development.  Since 2014, Hope Works is doing all they can to help individuals get back to work.

Their staff and volunteers work one-on-one to design specific solutions to long-term unemployment in a community where 41 percent make less than $15,000 per year and 32 percent meet the federal standards for “severely impoverished”. www.hopeworkschicago.org.

Hope is embodied in small acts of kindness

Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys staff became partners of hope by collecting donations of gently used business clothing and shoes for the Hope Works Community Development clients.  Our Chicago personal injury lawyers understand that something as simple as a clothing drive can serve as the starting point in someone’s journey out of hopelessness.

Hope can change the world

Jerome’s Story

Jerome came to his first appointment at Hope Works with an interview scheduled for later that week. He was hopeful about the interview but wanted some help preparing for it as well as with applying for other positions.

When his Community Advocate asked him if he had clothes for his interview, Jerome mentioned that he had just moved to town and didn’t have many clothes with him. We were able to find him a new shirt and pants but didn’t have shoes in his size.

Another client was in a meeting at the same time and overheard what was going on. He realized that they were the same size of shoes and offered to give Garvin a pair of his own shoes. Garvin left his meeting with clothes for his interview, transportation so that he didn’t have to walk for 2 miles, and a renewed sense of hope!

David’s Story

David has been working with us for the last eight months. He has a good amount of experience doing security work, and has gotten two unsuccessful interviews since we started working with him. He recently received an interview for a local grocery store and when he was asked what he was going to wear, he was reluctant to tell his Community Advocate.

Upon hearing that Hope Works had clothes that he could have for his interview he asked to look at them. He tried on a shirt that he liked along with the blue jeans that he had come in with. He asked his advocate if it would be appropriate to wear the jeans to an interview.

When he was told that it wasn’t, he was able to find a pair of slacks that he could wear to the interview. He asked multiple times if the clothes were free and if he could keep them. He left his meeting with enhanced interview skills and an outfit to wear for his upcoming interview!


The Value of Relationship in the Community

Glen Lerner Gives Back community outreach program firmly believes in power of our relationships with neighbor and local community groups and the strength that each relationship provides to the projects and events we sponsor.

For example, last November we met with CAPS officer Sabrina King of The Chicago Police Department District 9 at an event in Morgan Park to help provide families with Thanksgiving dinner in Southside Chicago.

The event, which also partnered with 45 other organizations including the Boys and Girls Club and the Salvation Army, was able to provide over 1,000 different families with complete Thanksgiving meals.

This success was largely due to the awareness of Officer King that some of the seniors and shut-ins in her district would miss out on this great chance if delivery was not offered, Officer King took action upon herself. So with the help of her partner, Officer Clark registered the families and delivered the food baskets to their homes personally. Without their help, families would have missed out who were in desperate need of food during the holidays.

Though it has been almost five months since our first introduction to Officer King, we have continued to remain in contact and meet frequently in order to coordinate future community outreach events.

Thank You from Brain Injury Productions Inc.

Dear Mr. Lerner,

I am writing to thank you once again for your donation towards my film. With your donation towards the film screening event which was able to not only provide snacks for guests but also raffles, I was able to finish up my 501.c3 process, and have already got my IRS determination letter back, recognizing me as a federal non-profit.

The film is a  documentary that focuses on the point, that even after an injury, there can be life. However, that is only if you get the proper rehabilitation, as most of the times the rehab process can more damaging in itself, but more over it focuses on the ADA and the EEOC speaking for us like they are supposed to.

This film is supposed to be a start up to my organization, it was designed to drive more traffic to my website, and interest in the organization so I can get more donations to my crowd sourcing campaign. Working with the disabled is not always easy. Often times with people in general you just can’t verbally say what your purpose is without showing what it is.

At the film screening event I used Charlie Chaplin as an illustrative, comparing a silent film star to the silence of disability. You see in Charlie Chaplin’s time the film industry stated that film is the best way to communicate your point, to open new doors, to introduce a new way of thinking.  Now days you’ll see that your Hollywood caliber films just starting to include disabilities in their films, but only at an entertaining perspective, generating more interest about disability, but still not enough to inform people or to prepare them for having to live in the real world with people with challenges.

Brain Injury Productions Inc. hopes to remedy this by putting people in a virtual simulator, showing them this is what you have to deal with, and because the ADA, and the EEOC are in place you cannot just dis-include these people. Half the time those challenged do not even know there is something going on with them.

Thank you again so very much for your donation. I look forward to continue doing business with you in the future.

Bethany Bromley
Brain Injury Productions Inc. | # E0286002015-5
Pahrump, Nevada


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