“I love this city, it’s been good to me. I’ve always wanted to help the people around me and now I have a chance to give back to the community.”

Glen Lerner

Glen Lerner Gives Back

Glen Lerner had a humble upbringing and understands the struggles that can deter people from their dreams. That is why he encourages the lawyers and support staff of his personal injury firm to pursue charitable activities and sponsorship opportunities within the communities where they live and work to help improve the lives of others.With the help of family and friends, great deeds have been achieved through the law firm’s charitable arm Glen Lerner Gives Back in Las Vegas, Pahrump, Phoenix, and Chicago. The law firm’s efforts through Glen Lerner Gives Back assist at-risk children, families and four-legged critters who face daily struggles during these hard economic times.
Charitable organizations they are involved with include:

Click here for an extended list of organizational groups Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys supports.

Glen Lerner Pays it Forward

Glen Lerner feels blessed to have been presented with opportunities that have made him the success that he is today. He believes in paying forward these blessing through acts of gratitude by giving something back to help make a positive community and social changes. Glen Lerner hopes that other business and individuals who can will also get involved and show an interest in making a difference and offering positive contributions within their own communities. Together the power of many joining together can make a difference.

Glen Lerner Gives Back Summer 2017

Glen Lerner Gives Back Summer 2017

Summer camp can be one the most exciting and life-transforming experiences that any young person can have. And yet, many children of low-income families never get to experience it. For this reason, our personal injury firm has partnered with The Salvation Army in Gary, Indiana and Waukegan, Illinois to make summer camp a reality for 30 underprivileged youth.

While at The Salvation Army’s Wonderland camp, young people will enjoy swimming in the lake, boating, music, archery, outdoor recreation, sports, arts and crafts, all while learning about God and making new friendships. For many of these kids, the time away from home is in itself lifesaving as camp serves as a safe haven from the challenges and dangers that kids face on the streets.

Here is what some of our sponsored youth had to say about their recent camp experience:

Santana Harper – 11 “I really loved going to camp. I never went before and it was awesome and I met really cool people there. My favorite part was being on the drum line.”

Shar’Mayne Harper – 9 “Thank you for sponsoring me to go to Music Camp. I went with my brother and cousin and it was super fun. We got to sing and had $5 for snacks at the snack shop plus we were able to swim every day. I did arts and crafts and made cool stuff. I can’t wait to go back.”

D’Maiya Clark – 8 “Camp was really fun. I made lots of friends. I got to sing and perform with my cabin at the talent show in my pajamas! And I can go in the pool now without floaty things!”

Carrington Slaughter – 8 “I really liked camp. I made lots of stuff and had fun. I sang and danced and ran around. Snack time and meals were my favorite.”

Sade Norton – 11 “I didn’t think I’d like camp at first since it was my first time and I only knew my brothers. I enjoyed hanging out with the girls in my cabin and playing games. I liked my theory class and want to be in band at the Corps next year.”

Armani Norton – 11 “Camp was good. I got to go swimming and meet new people. My counselor was cool and I got to sing. I’m glad I got to go and have fun.”

Jeffrey Norton – 16 “So camp was fun. We had great guests that really took time to be with me and my friends. I was in the highest choir and had a good time singing. I got to do stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to do in the city. Hopefully I can even work at camp next summer. Thank you for this opportunity.”

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.9241 Camp Lake Rd
Box 222
Camp Lake, WI 53109-0222
Phone: (414) 889-4305

Hoving Home Serves Up Hope in Las Vegas

Hoving Home Serves Up Hope in Las Vegas

The classic Julia Robert’s movie entitled “Pretty Woman,” is most certainly a popular story of redemption, but sadly the Hollywood glamorization of prostitution is far from reality. The reality is that far too many young girls and women fall prey to the appearance of finding a better life succumb to a life of drug abuse and prostitution, which almost always ends in shattered lives and sometimes death.

Just a mile east of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip lies the Hoving Home, where hope is served 365 days a year. Over the past several months, the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, staff, and other members of the Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys Community Outreach team has made several visits to learn about Hoving Home’s current needs and to explore opportunities for our personal injury firm to be of support. Seeing first-hand the real-life transformation of Hoving Home residents, where despair and brokenness are exchanged for hope and wholesome living, inspired us to get involved and to become advocates for the important work taking place there. It is Glen Lerner‘s hope that others will be inspired to give back to the community as well.

Tara’s Story

My name is Tara. I’m 23 years old. I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I had a great childhood, however, with growing up, my curiosity grew stronger and stronger. My curiosity led me to relationships with men and experimenting with any drug that I came across. My life soon consisted of money, drugs and doing any and everything to get my hands on it. I was in and out of jail and became a slave to the fast lifestyle. The drugs consumed my mind, body, and soul. I was an exotic dancer to support my habit which eventually led to prostitution.

I was lost, hopeless and ashamed on so many levels. Eventually, I wound up in jail facing felony charges and prison time. For the first time in my life, I cried out to God. I begged Him for a chance to change and to never go back to the way I was living. By the grace of God, I came to the Walter Hoving Home and was given the chance to change. I have learned to surrender my past and am no longer defined by what I have done or who I thought I was. I now have a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus that I never thought was possible. My relationships with my family have been restored and I continue to seek God’s will for my life. God has saved me and my chains are gone. I have been set free by His amazing grace

The Hoving Home

The Hoving Home was founded in Garrison NY back in 1967. In 1984, they expanded to a home in Pasadena California and then Las Vegas NV in 2006. The current capacity of the Las Vegas Hoving Home is 10 residents and management is hopeful to raise the funds needed to rezone to 16 residents. The demand for their services far outstrip the local Hoving Home’s capacity and as a nonprofit Christian organization, the ministry relies solely upon the financial contributions of concerned individuals, churches, corporations and other organizations. The Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys proudly support The Hoving Home. For more information: www.walterhovinghome.org

Also consider attending the Hoving Home Gala in September, with special guest speaker, Daryl Strawberry – www.walterhovinghome.org

2017 Walk for STH “Stronger Together”

2017 Walk for STH “Stronger Together”

Walk for the Sojourner Truth House

On Saturday, June 10th the Gary, Indiana community including those at Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys, came together for the 2017 walk for STH themed “Stronger Together”. For those that attended, the event was more than just a walk; it was a celebration of hope. Local churches, businesses, government officials, and concern community members answered the call to fundraise and volunteer on behalf of the homeless and at-risk women and children.

On that beautiful day, over 100 volunteers and 400 walk participants gathered at the STH’s grounds to prepare for the 1.6 mile walk around the neighborhood. At the event, the Glen Lerner Merrillville injury attorneys and staff handed out water, sports drinks and nutritious snacks for the event participants. What a joy it was for us to be able to interact with each of the groups that participated and join in their excitement for service.

Thanks to the outstanding work of the STH staff and volunteers, the 2017 STH Walk went as planned and without a hitch. Sister Peg Spindler, executive director, reported that STH had surpassed the amount they hoped they would reach by the end of that day. This success would not have been possible without the collaboration of like-minded groups coming together. Over 27 sponsors comprised of local businesses including the staff and Merrillville personal injury lawyers at Glen Injury Attorneys contributed to make sure that every dollar raised through the event could go towards direct services to the woman and children STH serves.

TOGETHER, we were definitely STRONGER!


  • Indiana American Water
  • Glen Lerner Gives Back (Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys)
  • Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors
  • Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ
  • Powers & Sons Construction Company
  • TWG Development, LLC
  • Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes
  • St. Catherine Hospital (Community Healthcare Systems)
  • Ameristar (East Chicago)
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (Sigma Phi Omega Chapter)
  • Black Diamond Pipe & Tube, Inc.
  • Hall Render, Killian Heath & Lyman
  • I.L.A. Local 1969 (AFL-CIO)
  • Tri Kappa Beta Rhe Chapter
  • Loomis | Sayles
  • Marram Health Center
  • Methodist Hospitals
  • Purdue University (Northwest College of Nursing)
  • Peoples Bank
  • Ricci’s Landscape Management Inc.
  • Rob’s Music Kingdom
  • Scott Steel Services, Inc.
  • Swartz Retson
  • United Steel Workers USW Local 1066
  • The WDS Group

Sojourner truth house walk

Sojourner Truth House (STH) is a day center located in Gary, Indiana, that serves homeless and at-risk women and their children. Founded by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ in 1997, STH serves more than 2,092 clients each month.

STH assists clients staying in local shelters with help applying to benefits, referrals to community support agencies, basic skills, employment training, healthcare screenings, addiction counseling and assistance with transitional housing.

To learn more: https://www.sojournertruthhouse.org/ to donate towards the 2017Walk For STH: http://www.walkforsth.org

89106 Zip Code: The Las Vegas Golden Triangle

89106 Zip Code: The Las Vegas Golden Triangle

In the shadow of the bright neon lights of the Las Vegas strip, lies a stark contrast to the iconic entertainment capital of the world. Apart from the postman, local police and those who minister to the neediest of residents, the name “Golden Triangle, or 89106” may as well be in the Atlantic Ocean someplace off Bermuda. But to thousands of homeless people, the Golden Triangle in the historic Westside of Las Vegas is not only a lifeline; it is a place for hope!

The term Golden Triangle comes from the small plot of real estate straddling highway I-15 between Bonanza and Owens Street. The three points of the triangle are the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities, and the Salvation Army. It is within the walls of these three locations that thousands of homeless souls escape the pain, confusion, and hopelessness of life on the streets.

Over the past several months, our Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys Community Outreach team has made several visits to this area in hopes of learning first-hand about the current needs facing 98106 and to explore opportunities for our personal injury firm to be of support. Our visits to this area have inspired us to get involved and to become advocates for the important work taking place there. It is our hope that others will be inspired as well.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission: Henry’s Story

For Henry, the bus ride from the mean streets of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district to Las Vegas was a chance to escape the grip of street life and meth addiction. Like so many new residents, Henry had dreams of starting a new life. Unfortunately, the most prevalent helping hand offered to sooth the pain and anguish of homelessness is in the form of cheap drugs and alcohol. In fact, self-medication is a deadly form of escape for over half of the homeless population.

Shortly after stepping off the Greyhound bus, Henry came to realize that his demons followed him and that the drugs he was escaping from were abundantly available just outside the door of his downtown apartment. Living in a strange town Henry turned back to a life of drugs until he couldn’t take it anymore. It was then that he walked into the Las Vegas Rescue Mission seeking help and hope.

Like so many who enter addiction programs, Henry had to learn the reasons for his addiction. Anger was the source of the deep-seated pain that drove him to self-medicate. In a year-long process of guided self-discovery, he recognized the root of his problems and learned that he was ultimately responsible for his past actions and for the way he would respond to future circumstances. Henry stopped running from his demons and made a decision to face the pain head on.

As Henry experienced healing, he was able to re-establish a relationship with his 5-year-old son. The mission helped him understand the role he plays in his son’s future. Today, Henry is working towards being the dad he never had and is committed to ensuring his son grows up in a loving household; well protected from the street-life that corrupted him.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission also spent time preparing him for the life he would have after treatment. As part of his recovery plan, Henry learned how to prepare a resume and how to interview. At the end of this process, he was also gifted a suit to wear for his interviews and graduation. It is amazing to see the transformation that has taken place in Henry’s life.

Today, Henry has a new lease on life. His hard work and dedication have paid off and for the first time in a long time, he is not afraid of the future. As he prepares to leave the program, he does so with a renewed sense of hope. The years of addiction which left a wake of destruction in his past are now being overshadowed by a bright future only possibly by the grace of God through the work of The Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is a nonprofit Christian organization that relies solely on the financial contributions of concerned individuals, churches, corporations and other organizations. For more information: www.vegasrescue.org

Best of Nevada Preps Awards – 2017 Richard Nelson Courage Award

Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys Present the 2017 Richard Nelson Courage Award

Isaiah Morris
2017 Richard Nelson Courage Award Winner Isaiah Morris

On Saturday, June 3rd, Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys partnered with the annual Best of Nevada Preps award show to present the 2017 Richard Nelson Courage Award at the Venetian hotel-casino. There were 846 student-athletes in attendance representing 112 Nevada high schools at the 2017 Best of Nevada Preps Awards, which acknowledged the most outstanding athletes in the state from the 2016-2017 academic year to promote the benefits of sports. Hall of Fame NFL running back Marcus Allen spoke to the student-athletes in attendance and offered valuable advice about the transition from high school to college sports.

The Richard Nelson Courage Award was renamed this year to honor the late Richard Nelson’s legacy. Nelson, the first recipient of the Courage Award, was tragically shot and killed outside of his Mother’s home in Las Vegas while home on his winter break from Missouri State University. At University, Richard continued playing football after a very successful high school career in Nevada. Richard acted selflessly and proved how he embodied the merit behind the Courage Award when he intervened in a fight to defend his sister from an attacker. The senseless act of violence has deeply saddened the Missouri State University and greater Las Vegas communities, but the courage that Richard possessed lives on through the Courage Award that now bears his name.

Before passing away, Nelson shared a quote from his heart via social media that shows the drive he brought into all aspects of his life. Nelson stated, “I don’t want to wake up in the morning without a purpose to do something or make a change. Every day to me is a grind and always will be. Nothing comes easy, and I don’t like easy. Make me work for it so I know I earned it and deserved it, 100%.” This year’s Richard Nelson Courage Award recipient, Isaiah Morris, has also shown a clear understanding of the value of hard work.

From left to right: Craig Moon President and Publisher of Las Vegas Review-Journal, Roxanne Bruce, mother of the late Richard Nelson, NFL legend Marcus Allen, & Harlan Schillinger of Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys

Isaiah Morris led his team to a Class 3A State championship despite having to overcome adversity throughout his life. Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys of Las Vegas presented the 2017 Richard Nelson Courage award to Morris and explained his heartbreaking story to those in attendance at the Best of Nevada Preps awards. In his speech, Schillinger stated, “this young man, Isaiah Morris, endured a childhood filled with personal tragedy, but continued to excel on the football field. His father, Booker T. Morris, died before his son’s first birthday when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. Isaiah’s mother, Shatah Joshua-Dorsey, was killed in 2012 when she was struck by a pickup truck while crossing the street.” Morris’s immense work ethic and talent are evidenced by his standout senior season, during which he rushed for 1,816 yards and 24 touchdowns. Like Richard Nelson, Morris’s path to football success was earned through the unrelenting hard work he put into his craft and himself behind the scenes. Morris received an offer to continue his football career into college while staying in his hometown of Las Vegas, and has committed to be on the football team at the University of Nevada Las Vegas next season.

Everyone from Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys was honored to sponsor the award show and be associated with the 2017 Richard Nelson Courage Award. The firm is pleased that a person of Isaiah Morris’s caliber is staying in the community beyond high school, where the courage he possesses through life can serve as an advertisement of what to do write. Glen Lerner Gives Back is committed to supporting the community and helping to improve the lives of others, and the positive impact of high school sports on the youth in Nevada cannot be overstated. Participation in athletics can teach children to set and strive toward goals, believe in themselves, and overcome obstacles in other aspects of life.

Nevada is home to some of the best high school athletic talent in the nation, and Glen Lerner Gives Back firmly believes in celebrating and promoting the impressive successes of the area’s youth. Glen Lerner’s own humble upbringing sparked a desire to improve the lives of the people around him, and the Best of Nevada Preps award show served as a fantastic platform to recognize the young people who have shed a positive spotlight on the area. As part of the law firm’s charitable arm, Glen Lerner Gives Back supports the community through scholarships and other sponsorships. Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys provides legal support to individuals who have suffered injuries from automobile accidents and help people receive the compensation they deserve.

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