About Us

Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys has two personal injury law firms in Chicago.

Our firm, Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys, started over 20 years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada and with over thirty-five attorneys, has now grown to be one of the largest plaintiff’s personal injury law firms in the nation with additional offices and attorneys in Illinois, California, Arizona and Indiana.We have built a reputation of negotiating when it’s in the best interest of our clients and going to court when the offers are not fair. We strive to get our clients the highest compensation to cover medical, emotional, and ongoing financial obligations and expenses. It is not our practice to just turn cases over; our attorneys became lawyers to help people, not just to earn a quick buck.

Although the majority of cases are not life threatening or require surgery, our experienced injury attorneys can also handle the big cases.

Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago

Each of our Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys law offices provides clients with 24/7 legal services and contact lists for personal care providers in their area after they have been in an accident. Our fully staffed offices know how to build solid cases and provide the best possible care to our clients.

From start to finish our crisis centers for critical care teams are there to walk our clients through the emotional and legal processes associated with their injuries. We negotiate terms with insurance companies, represent clients in discussions with police and other entities, defend our clients rights so that they get the best possible outcome in regards to their unique personal injury needs and make arrangements with rental agencies and funeral services when needed to assist clients and their families in getting back on the road to recovery.

At Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys we will fight to get the highest level of compensation for our clients. Call us today at 708-222-2222 or submit a free case evaluation request online today. A lawyer should contact you within 24-hours of submitting the online form. If you do not hear from an attorney within 24-hours of submitting the online form, please contact our office directly for expedited service.