Chicago Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises liability relates to a landowner’s duty to the various people that come onto their property. Cases filed in Chicago involve the duties and responsibilities of an owner or occupier of land and their liability for an injury or accident that occurs on that land.

Premises liability law can be different depending on the type of property, the owner, and the type of person on the property as well as the type of accident that occurs. Cases can be complex so it is important to work with a skilled Chicago premises liability lawyer if you have been injured, to pursue a claim for compensation. A qualified personal injury attorney with experience across a variety of premises liability cases can best help their client to put forward a strong injury lawsuit. En Español.

Recovering Damages for Liability

The liability of the landowner or occupier of the land can be different depending upon the type of accident that occurs and the person involved in the accident, for example, whether the person was an adult or a child, or a licensee or trespasser. A licensee is a particular category of a person under the law, which includes social guests and persons given permission to be on the property. It is more difficult for a trespasser on the land to recover compensation for injuries or accidents that occur while they are trespassing on the land.

To recover damages in a premises liability case, the plaintiff or their Chicago premises liability attorney must show:

  • There was a condition on the property, or land, or in the building which presented an unreasonable risk of harm
  • The defendant knew, or through the exercise of ordinary care, should have known about the condition and the risk
  • The defendant could reasonably expect people on the land or on the property would fail to protect themselves against the danger
  • The defendant was negligent in some way in addressing the condition on the land
  • The patient was injured
  • The defendant’s negligence was the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injury

Working with a Chicago Premises Liability Lawyer

A Chicago premises liability attorney focuses on holding owners and occupiers of land responsible for accidents that occur on their land and has years of experience helping those who have been injured and may not know where to turn.

Further, a Chicago premises liability attorney understands the various legal theories, claims, and causes of action to recover damages and injuries caused by the negligence of others and can work hard to assist their clients to best document and present their premises liability claims and their damages, including personal injuries, to defendants and their insurance companies for possible settlements or to a jury to maximize the award for the client.

With these things in mind, a person who is injured or involved in an accident on someone else’s land should immediately consult with an attorney familiar with premises liability law to determine whether they have a potential claim, and if they do have a potential claim, take the necessary steps as soon after the accident occurs as possible to put that claim in the best position to recover the compensation for the plaintiff.