Chicago Brain Injury Lawyer

Although brain injuries are not always severe, those that are can have lasting permanent damage making it important that every head injury is taken seriously. Even those injuries where only a few symptoms arise can turn out to be serious, making it important that a Chicago traumatic brain injury attorney is contacted immediately. An experienced injury lawyer in Chicago can assist in both helping those injured seek medical recovery and by guiding them through the legal claims process. To learn more or find out what our attorneys can do for you, call and schedule a consultation today. En Español.

Injury Severity

Brain injuries are considered more serious than other bodily injuries because the brain lacks the ability to heal itself.  Often victims of brain injuries will be diagnosed with a mild concussion that may later be discovered to be much more severe.  It is estimated that 50,000 people will die each year from a TBI or traumatic brain injury complication. Due to the complexities of these injuries, only an experienced Chicago brain injury lawyer will know the best way to handle your claim.  They will work closely with medical professionals to determine the severity of the brain trauma, what ongoing treatment may be necessary and what compensation you may deserve based on any medical exams.

Potential Causes

Common causes of traumatic brain injuries in Chicago include:

  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Motorcycle or Bicycle Accidents
  • Sports Accidents
  • Slip and Fall

If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain injury due to any of the above causes, contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Chicago for a free initial case review.  You or your loved one may be entitled to compensation for injuries and future medical expenses.

Hiring A Lawyer

Our experienced Chicago traumatic brain injury lawyers will patiently discuss the many legal options available to you or your loved one. Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to schedule a free initial case review.  Information that you provide will be kept confidential.You will meet personally with a brain damage attorney who will evaluate your case.  If your injury prevents you from visiting our law firm, then we will accommodate you by setting up an appointment at the hospital or in your home.  Don’t let the fear of costly attorney fees keep you from hiring an expert brain injury lawyer. Cases are accepted on a contingency basis, you do not pay unless we win your case.