Boulder City Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law deals with situations where a person suffers a physical injury to some part of their body because of the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of another. Personal injuries can lead to death, giving rise to an additional damages claim known as wrongful death. A Boulder City personal injury lawyer represents those affected by personal injuries against those responsible for causing the injuries.  Sometimes a claim for personal injury may settle without filing a formal lawsuit with a court. Other times, a lawsuit protect the rights of the injured party.

When a lawsuit is required, a compassionate personal injury lawyer can files a formal complaint with the appropriate court on behalf of the injured person, or plaintiff, against a person or business responsible for the injuries, known as a defendant. In a lawsuit, an injured person accuses another person or business of causing their injuries because of negligence, or carelessness.

As damages for the defendant’s conduct, the injured person seeks monetary compensation for the injuries which often includes medical bills, lost time at work or income, and pain and suffering associated with the injuries. This includes a Bus Accident or also a Truck Accident.

Statute of Limitations

In Nevada, an injured party has two years from the date of the injury, or discovery of the injury, to file a claim or sue a negligent or reckless party for certain types of claims, like medical malpractice, car accidents, and products liability cases.

Exceptions exist for government agencies and children limiting or expanding the statute of limitations period. Calculation of the precise time limit to file a lawsuit can be tricky. Any injured party should consult with a Boulder City personal injury lawyer.

Nevada’s Modified Comparative Fault Rule at a Glance

To recover damages in a personal injury case in Nevada, the injured person must prove that they were not at fault in the accident or event that caused the injury. The effect of this rule is that the compensation to an injured person can be reduced or eliminated entirely depending on shared fault considerations if it is determined that the injured party is partially or substantially responsible for the underlying accident.

If running with headphones on and loud music prevents one from being aware of their surroundings, they can find partial responsibility even when struck by an automobile. The jogger shares in the responsibility for the accident, because had they acted reasonably under the circumstances the accident would not have occurred. The jogger’s recovery for their injuries proportionally reduces by their share of fault for the accident.

Types of Recoverable Damages

Non-economic damages that may be recoverable as additional damages when a person suffers a physical injury. This includes:

  • emotional damages,
  • pain, and suffering,
  • loss of consortium,
  • Lastly, mental anguish.

Economic Damages

Economic damages include actual losses from loss of work and cost of medical care and treatment. Medical costs like prescriptions, doctors’ visits, ambulance services, rehabilitation services, therapy services, transportation to and from the medical provider, blood work and imaging tests, acupuncture, and also, other pain management methods may all be recoverable as a part of a claim for personal injuries. In certain circumstances, when severe injuries, future medical costs can recover in anticipation of future treatment for certain injuries.

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