3 Kitchen Safety Tips to Prevent Merrillville Injuries this Holiday Season!

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3 Kitchen Safety Tips to Prevent Personal Injuries this Holiday Season!

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The holidays can be a carefree break from work, school, or anything stress related. Family members from across the globe come together and keeping them company and comfortable can be a strenuous task.

When it begins to get hectic, it can be easy to forget very important tasks. However, ensuring kitchen safety needs to be number one on the list, and not overlooked. Find out some important safety kitchen tips on keeping the family safe over the holidays this year.

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Kitchen Safety Tips

1.Safety Checks

You must do a safety check of the entire house. Errors in kitchen safety can result to fires, therefore going around the house and checking every single fire alarm will be needed. Don’t make this a last minute task. This is the most important task needed in order to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Invest in some fire extinguishers if you haven’t done so already. They can be the fine line between a burned down house or ruined dinner. If you already have fire extinguishers make sure they are working and accessible. Facing a fire with a faulty extinguisher will not result in any good.

2. Clutter

Before cooking or doing any major kitchen operation, you always need to ensure you clean it up. This ensures proper kitchen safety and makes cooking a lot easier. It’s smart to get anything you don’t need out of the way, in the kitchen.

It’s important to stay on top of this through the entire cooking process. Trash and utensils tend to pile up quickly and it’s easy to put them an inch too close to a flame in the midst of cooking. Pay attention to where you’re putting things down and try to clean up some of the mess you’ve made thus far.

3. Keep an Eye on the Kitchen

Holidays are always a really busy time of the year, with family and kids running around. Countless of interruptions happen at this time of year. It’s easy to get distracted and completely forget about kitchen safety. Whether it’s a kid getting to the drawer of knives, or a pan of fire, it takes only seconds for things to take a wrong turn, quickly.

You can’t always watch your surroundings. However, make sure, if the house is super busy, another pair of eyes is helping you watch in the kitchen. If you need to leave the room for a second, make sure someone else can keep an eye on things.

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